Embed Game to blog


Code for embedding


- Blog or Web site you can play by crucifixion the game.
- Can not save and load.
In the case of Google site
- Please enter the URL of the "Menu" → "Insert" → "Other gadgets " → " Include gadget (iFrame) " in the [https://plicy.net/ GameEmbed / $ {Game_ID}].
If the user of the PC
- That is not the start of a place, click the game will start at. Normal voice flows when the game starts.
If users of Android
- When blogs and clicking on the embedded Web site, you can play as soon as open in its place the appropriate game in PLiCy app.
- If the PLiCy app is not installed, you can jump to the installation page of PLiCy app.
- If, once you install the PLiCy app, you can start the game with the click of a link in a subsequent blog or Web site.
If users of other
- It does not correspond to other OS.

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