LOW LEVEL ロー レベル


In a medieval world where everyone is a LV 100 boss, the slime population began to dwindle because nobody farms them anymore.

Now you, as a low level crook, must make your way up by massacring slimes that reproduce when killed ... which actually does make you die in the end anyway.

At least the slimes won't go extinct and you can level up, right?

Seeko Studios

Seeko Studios


LOW LEVEL ロー レベル


Hold down the left click button and release it to jump to that point.
Be careful, you need to get some rest between jumps. If the point is blue, you have enough energy to jump!
You can attack if a slime crosses your path between jumps.


A SeekoStudios creation.

Programmer: KilThrall
Artist: SwimmableBee912
Artist: Suniyun
Audio: OQLQO

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