Cat's Strike!


Play on your smartphone!

Click or touch to pull the cat to collect power and fly the cat to get fish.

◆ Strike zone

If you get all the fish on the screen with one blow, you will get a strike and get a bonus.

★ Tap the screen before landing to add power.

◆ Fever

If you keep getting fish and the fever gauge is full, boss fish will appear. A large amount of fish will appear if you continue to hit and make HP.

◆ Cat

When the cat contacts the player, it goes straight in the direction it is facing and can hit fish and bosses. If you hit a wall or a player, the direction of travel will be reversed. Collisions can occur between kittens, so if you hit the kittens at the right time, you can move the kittens in a chain.

◆ Android version available




Cat's Strike!

[This game can be played in English.]

Aim the Cat with the Mouse Click or screen ap to aim for the fish.

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