When a posted game does not work

  1. The game does not work.
  2. A game made with WOLFRPG editor acts differently than on my machine. Please make the games the same.
  3. When I’m playing the game, I found some bugs. Who should I contact?

When a posted game does not work

Q.The game does not work
After you change your state from "My Page - game settings - public way" to "private", please wait a while.
If you tell us the place where the problem happened with the contact form at that time, it allows us to respond more quickly (contact is optional). After you have removed the game, because there is no data, we cannot fix problems.
Since it also helps to improve the game mechanics for other users, please store the game as private without deleting if it’s possible. After we finish the trouble shooting, we will contact you by private message.
In the case of WOLFRPG editor
Versions previous to 2.10β are not supported.
For games made with a previous version, after you start up the game on the later v2.10β editor, change and save more than once in each game for all "tile set editor," "game basic settings" "system database" "variable database", "user database" section, and please upload the data in a zip format. You can confirm the version of WOLFRPG editor under "Help - Version Information".
Version 2.10 is currently distributed on
In the case of RPG Maker 2000 or RPG Maker VX Ace
The operating engine is not built with RTP.
Therefore, for games using RTP files
Bundle the RTP files that are used in the game (no need to bundle the files that are not used).
Upload the RTP files in zip format into the user box.
In the case of NScripter
Please make sure to put the scenario file nscripter.dat.
File data can be assembled and uploaded with * .nsa, * .sar, * .ns2.
If uploading fails, please contact us with the contact form.
Q.A game made with WOLFRPG editor acts differently than on my machine. Please make the games the same.
PLiCy is working for improvements based on users’ opinions but, due to differences in operating environments, some parts are not fully compatible. Please understand.
Currently, in the following points we have some difficulties to do full compatible.

A large amount of parallel processing across multiple events.
A large amount of processing in one event.

In these cases the game works, but lag might occur.
In the operation engine of PLiCy, in order to operate the game in the browser, we read the commands of WOLFRPG editor and then convert to a format that works in the browser.
When operating the game, it takes processing time for reading and conversion, so the processing speed is slow compared to the actual machine.
On the other hand, WOLFRPG editor operates the game directly in the executable file (exe), so there is no loss of processing time and it maintains a high processing speed.
For the above reasons, a delay of event command sometimes occurs in PLiCy compared to your actual machine.
Also, by having a delay, the processing of the command between parallel events back and forth, sometimes causes operating deficiencies, such as rewritten variables.

Letter picture display related

Because you cannot install font in PLiCy, the picture arrangement differs from the actual machine and sometimes the layout collapses. In addition, this process takes more time than usual.

Picture 4-point coordinate drawing

Picture 4-point coordinate is not supported.
Picture 4 points coordinates need 3D processing, so we cannot implemented it.
Q.When I’m playing the game, I found some bugs. Who should I contact?
When trouble occurs, we appreciate it if you report those bugs by clicking the error reporting button.
If you report errors immediately without updating etc,,, it allows us to respond quickly.
The report button is located on the bottom of the game screen.

If there is a problem with the game itself, please contact the creator.