[Hell's High Harmonizers] released on Steam in Early Access!!

[Hell's High Harmonizers], a simulation of life in hell, has been released on Steam in Early Access !!

"Hell's High Harmonizers" was released in Japan on February 20, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, and became a hot topic as a Japanese indie game.
The game was only available in Japanese, but an Early Access version is available on Steam on December 23, which is playable in English.

About [Hell's High Harmonizers], a loose life simulation of living in Hell

"Hell's High Harmonizers" is a game that allows players to experience a "loose life in hell" in a world based on monotone dot paintings.
Players take on the role of a "Harmonizer", an official of Hell, and enjoy the "new life in Hell" by sometimes consulting with the residents and sometimes cooperating with them.

[Character Create]
Human or inorganic, anything goes!
Create characters full of freedom and individuality!

[The Exploration]
Choose your character and explore Hell!
Traps, enemies, and wonderful treasures await you!

[Unique Inhabitants!]
People, lizards, bones, and machines?
The inhabitants of Hell are diverse in appearance and circumstances.

The Steam version of the game is available in English, unlike the previous version. During the 6-month Early Access period, we will be working on improving the accuracy of the text, the feel of the game, and the UI.

#Addition of character makeup parts
#Addition of new in-game text
#Other text corrections
#UI improvements
Other text corrections, UI improvements, etc.

are planned.

Sales Information Hell's High Harmonizers distribution page (Steam)

[Distribution start date (Early Access)]
December 23, 2020

[Distribution Price]
$14.99, £11.39, 12,49€, CHF 15.50, 360 pуб., 53,99zł, R$ 28,99, ¥ 1,500, 103,00 kr, Rp 95 999, RM32.00, P389.95, S$14.50, ฿239.00, 165.000₫, ₩ 15,500, 25,00 TL, 229₴, Mex$ 154.99, CDN$ 17.49, A$ 21.50, NZ$ 18.49, ¥ 50, ₹ 459, CLP$ 6.400, S/.31.00, COL$ 25.000, R 105.00, HK$ 76.00, NT$ 268, 29.95 SR, 42.00 AED, ARS$ 179,99, ₪55.95, 2 400₸, 2.80 KD, 33.99 QR, ₡6.500, $U329

[Supported platforms]
Windows / Macintosh


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