[Cresteaju] Released English Version for Nintendo Switch!!

[Cresteaju], the Indie Feature RPG,

is released on Nintendo Switch!!

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[Distribution start date]
February 1, 2021



About [Cresteaju], the Indie Feature RPG

"Cresteaju" is a full-length fantasy RPG released by Shou in 2001.

Although it was produced by an individual, it was extremely popular in the early days of the Internet because of its challenging scenario and strategic battle system that took over 30 hours to complete.

The Nintendo Switch version of "Cresteaju" is the first to be ported to a home console,
and in addition to porting the original game, various new elements have been added!

#This product is a joint development between PLiCy and Shou.

Outline of the story

The people robbed the emissaries of God and took possession of the two powers.
It is the one that turns order into chaos and turns the future into the past.

This is the continent of Filgard, where such myths are passed down from generation to generation.
A rapidly expanding organization rises to power, bringing chaos to the order of the continent.

Now, enjoy a story based on "Friendship, Memory, and the Barrier of Time"!

Additional contents for Nintendo Switch version of "Cresteaju" [The battle screen has been completely redesigned!]

In this remastered version, the battle screen has been redesigned with "full HD" and "full 3D field"!! Using the Nintendo Ware Bezel Engine, you can enjoy powerful battles on a 16:9/HD screen.

In addition, during the battle, you can enjoy the dialogue with the "character voices" described below.

[Adventure with Character voices]

In the battle screen and some event scenes, we have added character voices to the dialogue.

Luna: Megumi Natsushiro
Dithen: Yuuki Fujino
Xavier: Sho Jinnai
Layzel: Kousuke Ueda
Cindy: Tomosa Murata
Nack: Hitomi Muraoka
Yumi: Kakeru Hota

[Newly written scenario and a lot of new BGM added]

This remastered version includes new scenarios and new BGM written by the original author Shou as additional elements.
After clearing the game, various fun elements have been added.

In the additional mode "Retro Style Mode", you can enjoy the chiptune version of BGM for all the songs in the game.

[Renewal of the menu screen]

The menu screen has been completely redesigned!
You can enjoy the scene visuals of the characters as the game progresses.

[Online Ranking]

In this remastered version, "Online Ranking" has been implemented!
Players can compete with other players from all over the country in real-time clear time ranking.

(This feature does not require a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online)

[Fixed game difficulty and added tutorial]

We have adjusted the difficulty level so that more players can enjoy the game.
Numerous tutorials have also been added to ease the progression of the game.