Troubleshooting when you created a game in the Game Designer Action

About the license

  1. What is Game Designer Action?
  2. What license are you using?

Questions about creating

  1. What environment is needed to make the game?
  2. I want to make more than one map in the game.
  3. Please tell me the standard of each material.
  4. I want to change the monsters actions in detail.
  5. How does it work in a smart phone?
  6. I want you to add more features and gimmicks. / I want a monster that has special movements.
  7. Is it OK to publish my game created with GAME DESIGNER ACTION to a game contest or Festival?

How to make an action game

  1. Maps
  2. Terrain
  3. Terrain Stamps
  4. Enemies
  5. Gimmicks / Vehicles
  6. Items / Companions
  7. Vistas
  8. BGM
  9. SE
  10. System

About the license

Q.What is Game Designer Action?
In Game Designer Action, anyone can make action games that run on smartphones and PCs easily.
You can make an action game without complicated programing.

Please check what kind of game you can make in the Search page.

Q.What license are you using?
PLiCy has the tools and materials rights of Game Designer Action.
※ The game creator has the rights of the game.
Maoudamashii-kun is an official character of Maoudamashii.

Composer Arranger
Joker Sounds

Voice cast
Hazuki Takaoka
Kurumi Hina
Sakuraze Nayu
Yu Shimotsuki
Kei Izumi
Akari Yuzuki

Questions about creating

Q.What environment is needed to make the game?
We support Windows and Macintosh on desktop, and Android and iOS on smartphones.
If you use Windows, Windows XP and Vista will not operate a game in Internet Explorer.
If you use Windows XP or Vista, please use Chrome or Firefox.
If you use Macintosh, you can create a game with Safari and Chrome.
Firefox of Macintosh sometimes don’t load properly.
If loading takes more than 2 minutes, you should check for updates.
For more information please check operating environment.

Q.I want to make more than one map in the game.
You can make multiple maps by using a door.
The procedure is as follows.

Click [add a map] on map setting.
When you click it, [new map 2] is added and it moves to a new map.
Choose a gimmick setting, and after you set a door, select a letter you like.
Select a map, and go back to new map 1
Return to the first map.
Click [Gimmick] and set the door with same letter as before
by doing this, if you enter this door in this map, you come out of new map 2.

Enter this door for test play...
Come out from this door.

Q.Please tell me the standard of each material

Recommended standards that we have used are as follows.

middle ground image 800px × 450px (Bottom/recommended/variable)
background image 1280px × 800px (fixed)
background loop image 1280px × 200px (fixed)
weather effects 800px × 450px vertical 20 sheets
music sound mp3 / wav / ogg / midi

screen size 800 × 448px
Q.I want to change a monsters actions in detail.
Currently, there is no function to change the action that has been set for each monster.
(If there is demand, we will consider to add this feature.)
Q.How does it work in a smart phone?
A button for the smartphone will be displayed automatically.
We adjusted it to have the same speed as a PC on Android and iOS , Firefox OS.
Q.I want you to add more features and gimmicks. / I want a monster that has special movements
Please contact us in the Contact form. We will forward it to the developers.
(We may not be able to fulfill all requests.)
Q.Is it OK to publish my game created with GAME DESIGNER ACTION to a game contest or festival?
Because the games created in the above tools are the creator’s, you can publish your work freely.
Some different licensed materials may have a different agreement, so please check at the time of submission.

How to make an action game

You can change hero type and position, and map size.
You can do an automatic creation of a map.

You can change the type of hero.

Strength of hero
Set the life.
Life gauge will appear as two or more.

Initial position of the hero.
By clicking under a map, you can set the initial position of the hero.
When you set it in an immovable place, such as in a wall, you can’t play the game because the character dies when the game starts.

Size of the map.
You can change the size of the map.

Automatic creation of a map.
You can do the automatic creation of a map.
Select terrain setting in each "left", "center", "right", and press the "auto-creation" button, it will automatically generate the terrain.
Also, if you put a check in the "underwater stage", you can place the water blocks in the entire stage.

Enemy automatic placement.
You can automatically place the enemy.

Map switching.
If you want to use several maps, press [add a map] and then you can add a map.
If you want to change the map to set, please select that option.
You use doors to move between the maps.

If you drag on the map, you can create terrain in the range you selected.
Terrain of ice is slippery. Desert, ocean floor, sea, snow is hard to walk.

Auto tile.
These are tiles for a ground or a wall.
The image of the edge automatically changes. There is a collision detection.

Slip though tile.
There are two types, background that the hero can go through from the bottom and ride on or just a normal background.

Basic block.
This is a block that the image does not change around the edge. There is a collision detection.

Background block.
This is a block for background, it is used for adjustment of the scenery.
There is no collision detection.

Special block.
This is a special block to affect the hero by collision such as water (becomes underwater movement), lava (damage), and thorn (damage). You can find a special block that can go though from the bottom and ride on, and a special block that you can control, appear or disappear by pressing a certain button.

Terrain Stamps
I can place the complex terrain as a stamp.

Select the terrain block, and when you click on the map, you can attach the terrain block to the location where you click.

You can place a monster coming to attack the hero.
Each monster has a unique behavior pattern.
Select the monster, when you click on the map
you can put a monster to the location where you click.
When you place a monster on the edge of the ground, sometimes the monster is stuck in the ground, so it’s better to place away more than one block from the ground.

Gimmicks / Vehicles
You can set things such as lifts and switch.

When you press the switch a special block appears.
When you press the switch a special block disappears.
There is a switch that explodes when you press it.

Intermediate / goal point
You can set an intermediate point and goal point.
If you set an intermediate point, you can start from the intermediate point when you retry.

You can set a harmless creature.

Signboard / serif
You can display the text during the game.
You can put in large letters or trembling letters, it is also possible to have it show up only once.

Door / move
You can move the hero to another location.
The destination is the location of the same letter.
A one-way door of a specified number will warp to the location of that

You can set a trap such as spikes falling when you pass under or flames.

Automatic movement lift
You can set a lift to move automatically.
For beginners I recommend this lift.

Line lift
You can set the lift to move along the [lift line].
This is an advanced lift for Intermediate to advanced users.

Line of lift
You can create a way to move the line lift.
The line lift goes back and forth along the lift line.
The ones with [o-] are the end and the beginning of the edge.
When you create a road with no beginning and end, the lift will fall from the end.

Items / Companions
You can set items and companions.

There are various items.
There are items that cause the hero's score to rise, HP to restore, and maximum value of the HP increases.
There are items that make a hero invincible for a time.

you can open a locked door.

With a contact, companions will follow the hero.
If you have placed companions on the map, it is not possible to finish the goal unless you collect all the companions.

You can change the background.

It is an image that is placed behind in the game such as the sky or universe.

Middle ground
It is an image that is placed in front of the background, such as trees and walls.

You can set weather effects such as snow or rain.

You can change the music in the game.
If you click on each item, a list of music comes out. Please press "enter" to select your favorite music.

Sound effects
If you click on each item, a list of sound effects comes out. Please press "enter" to select your favorite sound effect.

You can set the images for the title and Game Over screens.
If you click on each item, a list of images comes out. Please press "enter" to select your favorite image.

[Page 1]
- Title
You can change the title of the game.
The title can be set to a maximum of four, and it switches automatically.

- PUSHZ base / PUSHZ character
Change the image to be displayed to [Please start by pressing the Z key].
There are two types: background and character.

- Game over
You can set the image when the game is over.
You set only one page.

- Game clear
You can set the image of the game being cleared.
You set only one page.

[Page 2]
Score rank
If you enter the goal score at page 3, it displays the rank after the stage is cleared.
When you use this, the image of game clear does not appear.

[Page 3]
- Title
You can enter the characters that appear on the title screen.
Nothing displays if you enter nothing.

- Game ID jump after clearing the game
After clearing the game, it will automatically link to other games you set in PLiCy. Please enter a number.
It does not automatically link without entering a number.

- Score display
You choose to display the score and play time in the game.

- Target score
If you make the setting to display the rank score achievement rate after clearing the game.

[Page 4]

- Above the screen
`fly to infinity` makes a hero move to the part that does not appear on the screen.
A hero cannot move with `can't go off the screen`.
In addition, this item will be ignored if the hero has special skills such as flying.